Tea – A Traveler’s Companion

The best thing about traveling by road is that you can explore different roadside eating spots or Dhabas as we call them. They are not your ordinary eating spots and if you care about hygiene and what is going on inside your meal then don’t ever stop. 🙂

Since I mostly travel by road and drive alone then Tea is my energy drink to keep me awake. And these spots offer some of the best tea but make sure to ask them with less sugar. I have driven from Karachi to Gilgit and experienced few spots who offer the best tea.

My shortlisted places are:

  • near Hala when you coming from Hyderabad
  • Ghotki bypass
  • near Khanewal -Multan bypass. If you are going towards Bahawalpur from Lahore, and when you cross Khanewal, you will see a signboard saying road towards Lodhran, that’s where you will find a good tea.
  • Juranawala Pull near Pattoki (the one in the main picture)
  • Lala Musa with Mian Ji ki Daal
  • Haripur (pictured above)
  • Rama Meadows made by forest guards

Some pictures below for your tea-pleasure


Let me know where you had the best tea in your recent travel?

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