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Here are some of my recent travel stories

Where is home?

Just watched this video after someone's recommendation and somehow it made me sad. (watch the video at the end)

I wrote something a similar couple of months back.

" ساتھ بیٹھے اک لڑکے نے جو شايد قائد...

Sadhu ka Bagh – Ancient Buddhist site

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about exploring outskirts of Islamabad, very first place I had on my mind was Sadhu ka bagh or locally known as Shah Allah Ditta village

Shah Allah Ditta is a centuries-old village at the foothills of...

Neela Sandh – Islamabad’s waterfall

One of the main reason for me to move here in Islamabad was to travel around. Since the city is closer to northern areas so one can easily go places and explore other cities in a day or two. So in first few months, I hardly spent a weekend in the...